Clothing Designer

A Profession with Prospects


The atelier LU Couture in Lucerne and Willisau has taken up the cause of training young, aspiring clothing designers.

The profession not only requires that apprentices are good with their hands, but also that they have creative and artistic skills.

In the course of their comprehensive professional training, apprentices see behind the curtains of the world of fashion, but also acquire entrepreneurial abilities in a small and medium-sized business.

They learn that customizing is always at the core when it comes to quality, design and consulting.


On the occasion of the annual Fashion-Day, all LU Couture apprentices create their own clothes that are presented to a large audience at the KKL Lucerne.

Through this popular event, LU Couture has established itself as a much-noticed center of competence in the Swiss fashion industry.

Prospects of the profession

The apprentices have the possibility to adapt their competences by taking the Federal Vocational Baccalaureate and thus access higher vocational education.

Clothing design without solid artisanal skills is impossible and their training enables apprentices to establish themselves as professionals in the world of fashion.

LU Couture trains ten clothing designers per year and thus fundamentally contributes to the prospects of the profession.


The Hirschmann Foundation is actively engaged in supporting the Swiss vocational training system.

It grants scholarships to five clothing design apprentices, enabling them to successfully finish their apprenticeship at the LU Couture.

The Hirschmann Foundation honors LU Couture because of its achievements and competence when it comes to professionally train young people.


LU Couture, Luzern and Willisau. The Hirschmann Foundation has committed itself with a fund of CHF 60'000 until 2022.