Hirschmann Scholarships
for Apprentices

Setting Directions
The Right Entry into Professional Life

The Hirschmann Foundation has set up a scholarship program for apprentices.

The program aims at supporting adolescents who – despite a positive attitude, but because of their weak performance at school and their socio-cultural background – were not able to find or lost an apprentice position.

The combination of a hands-on training and theoretical schooling is typical of the distinct Swiss educational system.

The system, however, only functions if the young person finds an apprentice position and finishes the program.

We support the philosophy that adolescents who need to clear up certain shortcomings should also be given a chance or even a second chance to learn a profession.

Thus, that is where the Hirschmann Scholarship Program comes in. Scholarship holders receive expert support, enabling them and their master to overcome any difficulties and challenges the apprenticeship program poses to both of them.


Partner of the Hirschmann Foundation are the Foundation Chances, Foundation for Professional Practice in Eastern Switzerland (Die Chance-Stiftung für Berufspraxis in der Ostschweiz) in Rheineck, canton St. Gallen (2013 - 2016) and the association Lernwerk (Verein Lernwerk) in Vogelsang, canton Aargau (2014 - 2023).

Since many years the organisations have accompanied adolescents and their employers throughout the apprenticeship program with a team of experts for professional training.

The experts are always ready to help and advise. They aid in handling daily difficulties at work or vocational school in a pragmatic way and in finding solutions.

Yet, the apprentice’s cooperation and determination is crucial as well in order for the goals to be achieved, even if this requires some effort.

Applications for a Hirschmann Scholarship are to be submitted to: Verein Lernwerk, Limmatstrasse 35, 5412 Vogelsang AG.

Website: www.lernwerk.ch