Youth Music Contest

Music is a Passion

Over 1,000 music lovers between the age of 8 and 20 participated in the yearly Swiss Youth Music Contest.

The contest is the most important annual event for talented young musicians in Switzerland.

The Swiss Youth Music Contest was founded in 1975 by Gerd Albrecht, chief-conductor of the Tonhalle-Orchestra Zurich at the time.

In the categories of classical music and jazz/rock/pop, various contests are conducted all over Switzerland. The winners of the regional contests are then invited to the finals.

Winning an award is an important record of achievement for a future student of music and a professional musician.

Furthermore, it is an indicator of a young person’s potential and capability. Former award winners often pursue careers as soloist and chamber musicians or become part of great national and international orchestras.

International Dimension

The Swiss Youth Music Contest is today’s only annual national contest that offers the opportunity of a peaceful contest to over 1,000 music lovers between the age of 8 and 22.

Outstanding first award winners receive the chance to perform on the big stages, to participate in international contests and compete with other talents from all over Europe, and even from all over the world.

Crossing Borders

The contest plays a crucial role in integrating adolescents with a foreign background.

Playing music in a group brings them together with Swiss musicians of the same age. Besides the common experience of producing beautiful music, they also make one step in the direction of a society that lives in harmony.


The contest shows parallels to analogous sports events, providing an important exchange platform to young people. The participants receive the chance to meet other young people who share similar interests and skills, which helps them getting to grasp with their own personality.

Funding of Regional Contests 2012 to 2019

The Hirschmann Foundation supports regional contests from 2012 to 2019 with CHF 50,000 per year in cooperation with other sponsors.

Hirschmann Master Course since 2015

Since 2015, the Foundation Swiss Youth Music Contest has conducted the Hirschmann Master Course for its award winning contestants.

It aims at motivating them to further develop their talents under the direction of successful musicians who are true masters of their instruments. The Hirschmann Foundation is supporting the project with CHF 20,000 per year.


The Hirschmann Foundtion's partner is the Swiss Youth Music Contest Foundation, Zurich.