London Southwark Food Poverty Project

Fighting Food Poverty in Big Cities

Family Allotments in Urban Areas

The project intends to paradigmatically support low-income-families who live in big cities to improve their food safety and food quality.

There are indeed plenty of urban areas that would be suited for the use of family allotments.

However, most city dwellers lack the expertise in growing vegetable and lettuce plants..

The pilot project will be launched in London’s city district of Southwark.

Building a Network of Volunteer Instructors

Volunteers from the city district of Southwark will be trained in gardening, so they can in turn instruct and motivate local families to lay out and maintain allotments for crop plants.

The volunteers will build a locally rooted network together.

The project funds will be employed to provide the necessary training on site and help with seeds and gardening materials.


Instructions fora Healthy Diet and Better Quality of Living

The participating families are free to choose a range of plants that they typically prefer when cooking.

They will be instructed about planting seasons, the preparation of garden soil, as well as the irrigation and maintenance of vegetable and salad plants.

The project not only promotes food safety and food quality, but will also show participants that gardening has a favorable impact on their personal health and may be an enjoyable activity.

The pilot project further intends to encourage city and city district authorities to open more possibilities for laying out allotments to grow healthy food for self-supply.


The Hirschmann Foundation’s operational partner is the Henry Doubleday Research Association / Garden Organic, Coventry, Warwickshire, UK.

The insights that will result from the project will be collected, evaluated and published.

The Hirschmann Foundation will fund the project between 2016 and 2018 with a contribution of CHF 200,000