Smaller projects

Red Cross Neuchâtel

Thanks to their successful training as AS-SRC health workers, almost one hundred women receive their first diploma every year.

At least 80% of them find employment after their training. The Red Cross Neuchâtel is proud to make a positive impact on the women's professional integration.

CHF 15'000
Stiftung Elternsein
Career choice special edition

What do you want to be when you grow up?

The parenting magazine Fritz+Fränzi aims at helping to answer this question for the seventh time with its career choice special edition.

It accompanies young people and their parents in seven steps during the exciting and intensive time of choosing a career.

CHF 10'000
Terre des Hommes
Youth Inovation Hub in Bucarest

The project aims to build an innovative child-centered space, where children and young people in Romania can develop their creativity, explore and learn how to express their feelings, thoughts and opinions, build life and entrepreneurial skills as well as to gain access to a support community of peers, local organizations, private companies, and entrepreneurs.

In this space, among others, children and youths will be able to participate in thematic workshops focused on raising their awareness and strengthening their knowledge on gender-based violence, participation in decision-making, and child safety in sport.

CHF 10'000
Training as a nurse
in Jordan

In cooperation with the Red Cross Jordan and the University of Jordan, the Foundation UniRef, University for Refugees, Geneva, enables young women and men from the refugee camps to undergo a 12-month professional training as nurses in Jordan.

CHF 20'000
Clean Drinking Water
in Ethiopia

The pilot project of the Fondation Antenna in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland and the Ministry of Health of Ethiopia enables five hospitals in Addis Ababa to locally produce disinfectants.

Thanks to the installation and training of hospital staff in handling WATA technology and the CLARA system, this gives over 10,000 people access to clean drinking water and disinfectants.

CHF 20'000
Respect Camp 2021
in St.Gallen

During the ida week from September 14th to 17th, 2021, the Klosterplatz square in St.Gallen will be transformed into a colorful tent city: the Respect Camp.

Various training points enable young people to deal with issues of respectful and peaceful coexistence in an animating, pleasurable and creative way.

They get into conversation about relationships, happiness, frustration, peace-making, respectful communication and other religions.

CHF 1'500
Fit for Apprenticeship

The "Fit for Apprenticeship" workshop shows secondary school sophomores what it takes to optimally and successfully prepare for the time after compulsory school.

In the three-hour workshop, they will learn about the dos and don’ts when it comes to applications and job interviews.

Attitude, positive thinking and setting priorities correctly are central contents.

CHF 12'000
Children's Construction site

At the children's construction site Glarnerland offered by the association Hoehenzug, children may spend their time outdoors and according to their ideas, wishes, knowledge and skills.

They practice building, handicraft and design with a wide variety of building materials.

The children are supported and accompanied by professionals. They experience self-efficacy and participation.

CHF 10'000
Training Workshop
"Mountain Forest"

Swiss adolescents and young refugees often live next door, but hardly ever get to know each other. The project "Exchange Week" brings these young people together and makes them experience the diversity of our immigrant society.

The participants work in small groups and under professional guidance; they stay in a group accommodation in the mountain forest where they do their own cooking.

The training workshop has been taking young people to work in the Swiss mountain forest for 25 years with the aim of educating them on sustainable development and the environment.

CHF 25'000
clässig Music & Emotions

"Music & Emotions" is a film production by the concert platform clässig and directed by Andrina Bischof. The film addresses emotions typically envoked by music - depicting them not only musically, but also visually and verbally: Seraina Bischof performs poetry slam texts that were written by Franziska Bischof-Jäggi.

Andrina Bischof composed the miniatures and improvisations for two violins that are interpreted by David Hubov and herself.

CHF 2'672.50
Les Passions de l'Âme
Early Music Master Course

The Bernese orchestra for early music "Les Passions de l'Âme" and its director Meret Lüthi have set some clear goals for the Master Course in historically informed performance: cross-generational learning in an inspiring environment, sharing knowledge and know-how, joint development and the presentation of musical works.

"We want to promote young musicians and at the same time involve amateurs whose enthusiasm for music is just as important." The master course will be held in historic guild halls, the Grande Société, the "Klingendes Museum" and the Bern Conservatory.

CHF 20'000
Association Super Licorne

The Association Super Licorne wants to enable children, young people and adults living in the "House of Tattes" to discover the social, geographical, natural and cultural surroundings of Geneva and western Switzerland.

The association organizes field trips as well as art and/or construction workshops and creates moments of encounter and exchange in cooperation with various Geneva reception and animation structures.

The aim is to get connected and to develop knowledge, integration and independence of the people living in the household.

CHF 10'000
OdA Umwelt
Matching Tool

The "OdA Umwelt" matching tool intends to contribute to integrating skilled workers into the environmental economy and exploiting their potential.

It ensures an optimal match between skilled workers, educational offers and the job market. Interested specialists list their skills, qualifications and goals on

The aim of the project is to expand the matching with corresponding job offers in order to show the career prospects that the environmental economy offers.

CHF 20'000
Foundation Dialogue
Federal Politicians
for Constitutional Democracy
Campus Democracy 2021

Participating in a democracy must be learned, practiced and encouraged at a young age.

At the conference "En Route - youth for democracy", young people work together with international experts from the fields of politics, administration, education and youth work.

The aim is to develop the "Biel Declaration" which contains specific measures that can be implemented in communes, cantons and the confederation.

CHF 15'000
Children's Circus Robinson
2021 Tour

An ensemble of motivated and artistically gifted children and young people from the children's circus Robinson show how creativity and movement can be combined in a cross-generational project.

They are role models for other children and young people by setting something big in motion - the 2021 tour "EVERYTHING DIFFERENT?", which is a circus spectacle for the whole family!

CHF 20'000
MyAbility Social Enterprise
2021 Tour

myAbility is a social enterprise that harnesses the potential of people with disabilities as profitable customers and employees for companies.

The Hirschmann Foundation's grant helps to make events and job shadowing accessible for trained young people with disabilities by relying on digital formats. Job shadowing fosters intensive orientation, as well as personal and professional exchange. The project shows that digital formats can be conducted without limitations and match up to those taking place on-site.

CHF 12'500
Association voCHabular
2021 Tour

The association voCHabular has developed a number of multimedia self-studying tools to learn German: In addition to printed books, there is an app, all of which are aimed at people who are new to Switzerland, especially refugees.

In addition to supporting the acquisition of the standard language, voCHabular promotes the passive understanding of Swiss German.

The first edition of voCHabular appeared in Arabic, Persian and English; additional languages and a second volume with a focus on Swiss German are in progress.

voCHabular collaborates with their target groups, as inclusion is seen as a two-way process that can only work through mutual readiness and openness.

In the joint volunteer work, everyone involved can contribute their skills and knowledge and make new friends.

CHF 20'000